Into the Woods: Get the Fairy-tale Look



There’s something magical that happens when mixing two opposing elements together.  Like placing a lace and organza mermaid gown against a sea of fallen leaves and rough shrubbery: the results are something out of a fairy-tale.  The contrast radiates the bride, illuminating the details on the dress.  The swirl skirt draping gives movement that is soft and romantic, making the look even more ethereal and dreamy.  Appliqued lace and cuts rising up the shoulder line gives a whimsical element; you could say the bride looks like a fairy bride. :)




We collaborated with make-up artist Sunny An to come up with this fresh faced make-up look.  She kept the look light, and emphasized the highlights on the cheeks and lips  to give off a youthful glow.  To compliment the delicate nature of the dress, we placed a simple head wreath ornate with pearls and silk flowers.  Jenny Lee’s original hairpiece doesn’t take anything away from the dress, but only accentuates the romantic nature of the dress. With a simple braid pulling the hair back into a half- do, we’re completely enchanted by this fairy-tale look!

(Dress 1413 Available by contacting Jenny Lee Bridal or Mark Ingram Atelier)

Dress & Hairpiece: Jenny Lee Bridal

Make-Up & Hair: Sunny An   |

Photography: Kevin Lee Studios   |