Jenny Lee Bridal

Fabric and Lace

Only the finest quality Silk Duchess Satin, Taffeta and Organza are used in the making of a Jenny Lee wedding gown. These fabrics are sourced from the City of Como in Italy, which has a long tradition for producing some of the best textiles in the world. This silk is finished off to the highest possible standards and is unsurpassed by any other textiles mills in the world.

Elegant Alencon and Chantilly lace are sourced from specific factories in France where these companies have produced specialty lace for centuries.

Fabric Finishing

In addition to using the finest fabrics, Jenny Lee also incorporates several finishes to help maintain the look and feel of her wedding gowns. For all Silk Taffetas, we use a specially formulated spray starch which costs the fabric and prevents creasing and allows for a fresh appearance of a brides gown.

Our Satin are all bonded on the reverse with a proprietary tricot knit webbing which also prevents these delicate fabrics from excessive creasing.

Quality Fit

Here at Jenny Lee, we do not produce wedding gowns to standard set sized specifications. We appreciate that the "perfect fit" of a gown is one of the most important elements and we strive for perfection when we design and individually produce all of our dresses and gowns.

When a Jenny Lee bride selects a dress at our Flagship Salon in Newport Beach, CA or at one of salon's nationally or internationally,we get the brides exact measurements and then incorporate them into our specialized sizing program to create a one-of-a-kind and memorable fit.This gives each bride a "couture" experience!

Jenny's gowns are renowned for their fit and support. Each are fully constructed inside and out and fully lined with silk so the bride will look and feel exceptional.

Jenny Lee Bridal