The Art of Ruching


When composing a wedding dress, Jenny’s principal concern is making sure the dress is constructed to flatter her brides’ bodies and make it look the best on their special day.  Jenny achieves this by utilizing her mastered skill in ruching as the key component in the majority of her most popular gowns.  Ruching (“to gather”) is a labor intensive and meticulous sewing technique that is used here in our studio to create volume and texture into our gowns.  With each bride’s custom fit in mind, Jenny pleats and folds the fabric, drawing the lines to emphasize the bride’s best assets, or cinch it in places to create more flattering curves.  The purposeful lines create the illusion of an hour-glass figure, elevating the bust area as well as slimming the waist.  The personalized detail Jenny’s put into each dress is what makes our dresses so unique! 05302014_0105302014_02See more of Jenny Lee by following us on FacebookPinterest, Twitter and @jennyleebridal