Designer’s Tips: Know Your Best Assets


Your wedding is a very special day.  It’s the day brides expect to look their absolute best.  Planning up to the big day can get crazy, but when it comes to shopping for your dress, it’s important to focus on the important things: who you are, what your best assets are, and figuring out how to express those attributes.  If you’re a bride-to-be, the first step is simply to know what parts of the body you want to show, and what parts you don’t.  By doing this you save yourself from drown in endless selection of gown and zero in on ones you know will make you look great.  Remember to keep and open mind! The thing you least expect to look good end up being the best surprises. Here’s a simple guide line designer Jenny share with her brides:

The Collar Bone and Bust


“The Sweetheart neck line is a classic and a favorite among brides for all the right reasons.

It exposed the collar bone and draws attention to the bust line which is the body part most women want to accentuate.”

High Neck Line and Wide Shoulders


” Elongate a beautiful neck with spaghetti straps. The vertical lines give the illusion that your next is extended.

Straps and Sleeveless are also great in drawing unwanted attention away from wide shoulders and make them appear more narrow.”

Round and Wide Arms


“Lot’s of people assume that wearing a long sleeve hides round/wide arms. In fact it does the complete opposite, highlighting them more in all that fabric.

The best way to narrow the arms is by wearing capped sleeves, making sure they cut off at the widest part of the arm.”

Short Waist and Height


“I haven’t been blessed in the height department.  So I’ve specialized in adding a couple inches to the body.

A long drop waist cut makes the torso look long. Add a long volumized skirt and the body looks longer all around.”



“Most women will choose their rib/stomach area as the place they’re least confident about.  But getting the hour glass shape is simple.

To slim the waistline, pick a dress that has diagonal lines that goes across the waist line.  Ruching is commonly used to achieve this.”



Pear Shaped Bottom


“If you want to draw attention away from your bottom, try a fit-and-flare dress.

This style hugs the body until about the lower hip bone line and flares out.”



“If you’ve got gorgeous legs, show them off! Be bold and go with a mini dress, or a long dress with a sexy slit.”