Dress 1308 : Patterns


Our Journey feature is back! Following the sketch process detailed in our previous Journey feature, this one centers around the pattern-making process for Dress 1308.


Once Jenny finishes her sketch, she goes into making a mini prototype of the actual dress.


Most designers usually go straight to pattern-making after the sketch process, but Jenny likes to get a sense of what the dress would look like in real life. “Many dresses look so much different in 3D than in flat sketches,” she says.


 Once the prototype is created to her liking, Jenny then continues with pattern-making. Patterns are first drawn on large paper, cut out and finally retraced on desired fabric.


Dress 1308 consists of 72 pieces of patterns, each of them hand-traced and hand-cut by Jenny and our design team. These pieces go on to form petticoats, inner linings, outer linings, body of the dress,  and the flower-dotted skirt.


Jenny also likes to simulate draping for her design team to give them a better idea of how the fabrics should look in the final product.


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