Dress 1308: Sketch


Starting today, we will be posting a four-week feature on the journey of Dress 1308 from our Spring 2013 collection.


 This gown is the most popular design at Jenny Lee Bridal – you can see over seven brides wearing it in our Real Brides Pinterest board – and thus seemed like a perfect choice for our very first “journey” feature.


 Every design starts with a great sketch. After getting inspirations from various sources – music, video, books and photos – Jenny begins her sketch process.


Most preliminary sketches are done in plain pencil. Later on, when Jenny is satisfied with every detail of the sketch, she uses colored pencils to breathe life into the sketch.


For this particular sketch, Jenny invented organza flower details and applied them to the skirt. This unique feature is what makes this dress 1308 brides’ all-time favorite.


Once the sketch is ready, Jenny begins designing patterns for the dress. Stay tuned for next week’s update on pattern-making!