Celebrity Dress Match: Pt. 2


Our team had some fun and paired up our dresses with celebrities we thought would look best in them. Check out Part 2 of our series!


Dress 1506 is definitely for the bride who isn’t shy about flaunting some skin.  With a low-lined sweetheart neckline  that pushes up the bust line, and a built-in corset that cinches the waist to give the perfect hour-glass shape, this dress brings volume to the body in all the right places.  Who would be more fitting than the gorgeous Sofia Vergara, whose curves are something to covet?



Our short dress from the Spring 2015 collection emanates youthful, feminine charm.  The lace embroidered bustier top combined with tulle skirt creates a whimsical, playful, yet mature silhouette perfect for an unconventional bride.  With her petite body frame and mature facial features, we paired Dress 1507 with the effortlessly classy Natalie Portman.