FALL 2014 – Elegant Drama


Elegant Drama consists of gowns that portray two contrasting themes: femininity and drama. While the body of the gown will represent the former theme of femininity with simple silhouettes and delicate lace, the skirt of the gown will fan out in voluptuous layers and luxurious details to depict drama.




The dramatic skirts of the gowns were constructed to emulate peonies. With its demure colors and sensuous petals, peony perfectly embodies the irony between elegance and drama.




Jenny Lee’s trademark mastery in showcasing feminine silhouette, craftsmanship and impeccable fit has already made her a household name for sophisticated brides. With “Elegant Drama,” Jennypushed her limits and explored her newfound passion for dramatic contours.




“Being a bride represents purity and elegance,” says Jenny, “but it also means that she gets to be the queen of the day. For this collection, I wanted to combine design elements of the two themes and make the bride an angel and a queen at the same time.”


fALL 2014 - Elegant Drama