Jenny Lee – Bride & You


“Creating a unique style is very important. Brides need to have the right kind of hair and makeup and accessories to compliment the dress. They should all work in harmony instead of overpowering one another.” – Jenny Lee, during interview with Celebrity Style Weddings





Jenny’s dresses have always been known for their elegance, craftsmanship and fit. When she finally decided to take the next step into the field of bridal accessories, she took her time in order to ensure that they would emulate the same philosophy she had for her dresses: to flatter and accentuate each bride’s unique beauty with the highest attention to details. When she came across a South Korean bridal shoe brand, “Bride and You,” she immediately felt a connection to the brand’s similar design ethos.




Utilizing high quality materials such as fur, satin, lace and crystals that typically go into making actual wedding gowns, Bride and You’s bridal shoes pride themselves on excellent quality. In addition, each pair is customized to the bride’s taste – heel height, fabric, color and even the label – and handmade to every last stitch. The brand’s emphasis on quality and uniqueness perfectly fits with that of Jenny, which is why Jenny is absolutely delighted to create a bridal collaboration line with Bride and You.




As the first-ever brand in South Korea to specialize in bridal shoes, Bride and You now dominates the country’s bridal market. From A-list celebrities like Kim Min-Jung to even Hollywood stars like Amanda Seyfried, Bride and You is certainly a first choice for any fashionable bride.