Timeless: The Juliet Cap Veil


Originating from the 16th Century, the Juliet Cap Veil gets it’s name from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, where young Juliet was said to have worn a beautiful cap that adorned her entire head.  The veil became synonymous with the roaring 20s and 30s, and any old photo of a bride from the era can be shown fashioning the veil with a large bouquet of flowers and slinky white dress:

Traditional 1920’s Bride


Since the 1920’s the Juliet Cap Veil has been recognized as a timeless, elegant piece, with some of the most highly profiled women in history wearing a variation of the veil for their own big day:

Jacqueline Kennedy Adorns a Cathedral Style Juliet Cap Veil


Grace Kelly at her Royal Wedding



More recently, celebrities have been  adorning the veil on their wedding days, bringing the vintage piece back into the spotlight:

Supermodel Kate Moss’s Simple Lace Cap Veil


Over the years, the Juliet Cap Veil has reinvented and modernized itself into a piece that can be worn in a plethora of styles.  From romantic to vintage, simple, to extravagant, this is one statement wedding piece that we’ll be seeing more in the following years to come:


Fabienne Alagama