The Lace Dress


The lace dress is quite synonymous with wedding gowns: no matter how much the silhouette changes through the course of various trends and styles, a beautiful lace detailing can make a dress classic and timeless.  That’s why Jenny Lee travels around Europe, finding the best lace patterns and fabric from trusted and talented sources, and having them imported back to L.A.  We only use the best for our brides ;).



For dress 1504, Jenny showcases how lace can transform a dress to formal and elegant.  Here we used alencon lace, meticulously placing each individual piece so it looks as though the lace is cascading down the bodice.  And how fitting, since alencon is also referred to as the “Queen of Lace”. It stands nothing short of regal.  With a  organza and tulle trumpet skirt that dramatically flares outward, this dress is perfect for the bride who wants to feel extra special.


The greatness of lace is that it can be transformed from formal, to something more laid-back and sexy, as shown in our new lace dress.  Inspired by the simplicity and sexiness of lingerie, Jenny used the silk like chantilly lace as an over lay on the dress.  Because of its thinness and fine detailing, the dress effortlessly rest against the curves of the body, looking casual but nothing short of ordinary.  With a mermaid skirt, this dress will make any bride look like she is sexy without even trying :).

Dresses & Hairpiece: Jenny Lee Bridal
Make-Up & Hair: Sunny An |
Photography: Kevin Lee Studios  |