Nicole & Jim




As soon as Jenny and the team saw the wedding pictures of Nicole and Jim, we were instantly wrapped in an aura of happiness. “Genius!” Jenny said. The couple’s fun-loving, laid back attitude was directly translated into each photo, thanks to the photographer who caught many of their silly, goofy moments on camera.





For her special day, Nicole decided to wear one of our simple designs, dress 803, from Spring 2008 collection. As one of our best sellers, the gown is a perfect representation of Jenny’s impeccable fit and craftsmanship. Its simple, body-hugging silhouettes mesh well with the bride’s carefree personality, who decided to keep it classic without adding too much accessories.





We always think that the most important aspect of a wedding is not its size or grandiosity; it is how well the couple combine their distinct tastes and personalities and present it to the world. With that said, Nicole and Jim deserve the best wedding award for their ability to put together a perfect wedding filled with happiness. I mean, just look at the groom’s face in all of the photos. Isn’t he just bubbling with goofiness? And how about the bride? Isn’t she just dying of happiness?








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