Belgium is not usually the first country people think of when it comes to fashionable cities like Paris and Milan. Thanks to my good friend Ritta who now lives in Brussels, I had a wonderful opportunity to squeeze in a weekend there during my Europe trip. After all the shopping, working and bustling in Paris, it was so nice to relax in this dreamlike country before heading to Milan for more work.




Yes, we can’t discuss Belgium without its famed chocolates. Ritta took me to Neuhaus, a chocolate chain most famous in the country. Don’t you just love the holiday spirit in the windows? I have a huge sweet tooth that is usually in hiding back in L.A., but I couldn’t help letting go of my self-control once I stepped into this delicious shop.








Did you know that Belgium is the center of antiques in Europe? Luxury filled the air back in 15th and 16th Century, and it still lingers in the corners of elegant buildings and rich antiques. So I was determined to be a part of it – by discovering luxurious vintage gems in the flea market! Waterloo Flea Market is definitely the biggest in Europe, but unfortunately, the rain left only an empty parking lot. I did manage to find this quaint little flea market taking place in the neighborhood.